Greek Into Arabic - Essays On Islamic Philosophy by Richard Walzer

By Richard Walzer

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61 : I) The new texts provide us with so much new information that a more detailed description of the most important material, however incomplete and provisional it may be, seems justified. The edition of the Categories by Al-Hasan ibn Suwar is based on YahyB ibn 'Adi's autograph ('corrected from it') and, in addition, collated with another copy of the same autograph (Cf. F. , p 23). due to another eminent pupil of Yahya ibn 'Adi, the Jacobite Abii 'Ali 'Isi ibn Ishiq ibn Zur'a (942-1008; M. Meyerhof, Von Abxandrien p.

C. Brockelmann, G A L I, p. I, p. 369. G. Graf, Geschichte I, p. ) lost Syriac translations of the Topics and the Prior Analvtics (in collaboration with his father, cf. below p. e. in Al-Hasan ibn Suwsr's edition; Abii Bishr's translation of the Posterior Analytics is totally based on Ishiiq's lost Syriac version. That the Arabic Categories and the De interpretatione are due to Ishiiq ibn Hunain is conlmon knowledge, since both these texts have been known for a long time. Ishtiq's translation of the a E h a ~ ~ o v of the Metaphysics used by Averroes may now by studied in Bouyges' edition (Cf.

Jmger, vii (Berlin 1929). p. 241 s. 7 Jaeger, op. , p. 241 ss. (= Engl. ,p. ). 8 Jaeger. cf. n. 7. AristoIcZis Dialogacm Fragmnrirr, p. 41 W. 57 I 4 1 I many consequences of life that make men fling away life, as disease, excessive pain, storms. . Further, the life we lead as children is not desirable, for no one in his senses would consent to return again to this. Further, many incidents involving neither pleasure nor pain or involving pleasure but not of a noble kind are such that, xs far as they are concerned.

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