Greek Medicine: From the Heroic to the Hellenistic Age A by James Longrigg

By James Longrigg

The Greeks have been the 1st to exploit rational structures of medication, dependent upon trust in average causation, instead of magical and non secular parts, which led to a brand new belief of affliction, accounting for reasons and signs of disorder. "Greek medication" areas historic Greek drugs, from Homer to the Alexandrians, inside of its ancient and highbrow context by means of providing a variety of resource fabric in translation.
The publication presents a chronological account at the most crucial points of historical medication, and contains chapters on particular components of medication, reminiscent of gynecology, dietetics, pharmacology and surgical procedure.

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He rejects their dogmatic belief in a single arche and their confident deductions from it. Alcmaeon of Croton, son of Peirithous, spoke these words to Brotinus. 'Concerning things unseen the gods possess clear understanding, but in so far as men can proceed by inference [tekmairesthail .. ' This more sceptical and empirical approach can be traced back further to the philosopher/poet, Xenophanes of Colophon. S. 49ff. (DK 21B34) Clear knowledge about divine matters and about natural science, according to Xenophanes, lies beyond human attainment.

L,2, pp. ) = CMG The attitude of this Hippocratic author stands in marked contrast to that described by Herodotus. Very many Scythians become impotent, do women's work, live like women and talk in the same way .... The Scythians themselves lay the blame upon 25 II. The rise and development of rational medicine a god and revere and worship such men, each fearing for himself. } Each of them has its own nature and none happens without its natural cause. I will explain how, in my own opinion, this condition arises.

Alcmaeon and the Presocratic philosophers entendres, to elucidate the predominant role played in the process of vision by two of his elements, fire and water. e Love> give birth to the round-eyed pupil,l the primeval fire, enclosed in membranes and fine tissues. 2 These keep out the deep water that surrounds the pupil, but they let through the fire, as much as it is finer. lOr 'round-eyed baby girl'. Or 'fine linen' (swaddling clothes). 17. Theophrastus, On the senses 43 (DK 64A19) Diogenes similarly reveals medical interests and evidently regarded the state of the tongue as an important diagnostic aid.

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