Guidance on Allocating and Targeting Pandemic Influenza by U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services U.S. Department

By U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services U.S. Department Of Homeland Security

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4 A preliminary cursory review of the portfolio resulted in the identification of those projects with likely gender differentiated impacts and/or those projects relevant in terms of addressing gender disparities and inequalities. No other selection criteria were used. Page 3 2. CONTEXT MACRO ECONOMIC SETTING Any issue examined in Ecuador today must take into account the country’s current critical macroeconomic and financial situation. At the time this report was written in July 1999, Ecuador was undergoing an unprecedented macroeconomic and financial crisis, encompassing swollen fiscal and external-accounts deficits, intensified exchange-rate and price-level instability, a systemic banking crisis, and deepening recession.

And this short term and long term gender work should also not be limited to programs targeting girls and women only but rather should also focus on boys and men. The report identifies six priority action areas. First, both female and male gender issues need to be considered when designing and implementing social safety nets and emergency assistance programs. Second, indigenous people’s initiatives should be strengthened so that they address gender differences and disparities. Third, issues such as maternal mortality, AIDS and STDs, teenage pregnancy, and family planning need to be addressed in an integrated fashion under the rubric of reproductive and sexual health.

Lastly, over the long term the current family violence program that establishes comisarías de la mujer should be strengthened by, inter alia, including preventative programs for male aggressors, particularly young men. Education Initiatives designed to increase school attendance and enrollment among the poor during the crisis need to consider how gender roles affect the ability of girls and boys to go to school (the need to work influencing boys and domestic work influencing girls). Also, to the extent possible, initiatives in the short term aimed at improving the Page xiv quality of instruction and providing textbooks to poor schools should avoid transmitting gender stereotypes.

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