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As ~t platform, which is called the PE format. Each and every executable file on a MS Windows system is in the PE file format. Usually the author of malicious code used various techniques to make it harder to analyze them using basic techniques. A common approach for many malware authors is to use known as executable packers, which reduce the executable size and alter its contents using specific obfuscation algorithms. In these scenarios normal disassembly will not be effective. Among the most commonly employed file packers are utilities such as UPX and ASPack.

We can only wonder why there haven't been more papers describing the gaping holes in tools like chkrootkit or rkhunter. One might think everyone is satisfied with this situation. If, as a sysadmin, you are only using these tools to check your servers integrity, be assured you'll probably never be warned of a compromise. The best protection remains an up to date system with grsecurity and pax kernel. We can wait for a new generation of rootkits, but for sure, the rootkit detectors are based on the most recent techniques like timing attacks.

The first thing an attacker does right after gaining sufficient access to a box, is to make himself at home, as discreetly as possible, to be able to come back later without having to rely on vulnerabilities that may or may be not present and without having to replay all the steps of an attack. hakin9 6/2007 What you will learn... • • Basically rootkit methods Protection against rootkit What you should know... org/en qw ~ 34 ensure its server’s integrity, so the first rootkits replaced these tools.

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