Heart and Soul 6 The Heart of the Forsaken by Angela Verdenius

By Angela Verdenius

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Штурмовые отряды СС. Роль Гитлера в формировании этой мощной нацистской силы. Униформа и методы применения частей СС в тылу и на фронте. Действия Ваффен-СС. В том числе на Восточном фронте. Обо всем этом рассказывается в материалах этого электронного сборника. Материалы написаны ведущими британскими историками, посвятившими истории нацизма и его военной силы не один десяток лет.

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Aye. ” Red sucked in his breath as antiseptic was liberally splashed onto his wound. ” Still with his ear pressed against the door, Simon said, “Everything is quiet. ” ~ * ~ The headache was fast escalating. Pain pricked dully at the backs of her eyes, and the familiar crimson swirl of anger seeped through her mind. ” Brina stepped in front of her cautiously. ” Sonja took a deep breath. “Not yet. ” “Have Jolie send out a message to the Daamen Trading Base stating that the viscomm is malfunctioning but communication should be reinstated by tomorrow.

Pushing away all thoughts but that of survival, she glanced around her. “Those soldiers won’t be far. They ‘re waiting for us to return here. ” Stealthily she led them away from the clearing, keeping to the undergrowth and shadows. Once safely away from the clearing, they moved faster. Unable to use the travel discs for fear of being spotted by the patrolling soldiers and pursuit shuttles, they continued on foot. Checking the face of the communicator strapped to her wrist, Sonja monitored the four tiny blue lights on it.

They all flocked to these dangerous-looking giants. Sighing, he watched as the last of the crates were lifted and transferred to the cargo hold. ” Red strode down the ramp. “Thanks, Fretya. ” Stepping up onto the hover tray, the merchant gave him a wave and proceeded back to the settlement. ” Jase peered out of the cargo hold. ” “Aye. ” Red walked back up the ramp and into the cargo hold. Pulling the lever that raised the ramp, he watched it come up and seal shut. As he turned away, he found Mikal and Torkra watching him curiously.

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