History and the Homeric Iliad by Denys L. Page

By Denys L. Page

Did the seige of Troy fairly ensue? Who have been the Trojans, and who attacked them and why? This ebook solutions all these questions

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51 Schneider, German Radical Pietism (see above, n. ), pp. –; Marcus Meier, The Origin of the Schwarzenau Brethren (Philadelphia, ).  hans schneider outward forms of religion—an alternative which emphasized precisely the indispensable necessity of the outward forms and gave great attention to their structure. They even made the special ritual of baptism into a type of confessional statement and a point of differentiation from other Anabaptist and Baptist groups. The title of the programmatic book of Alexander Mack, the founder and opinion leader of the Schwarzenau Brethren, is already highly significant.

The problem of true Christians in others’ churches was of greater importance for Church Pietists who wanted to preserve their confessional ties and who, by a lax handling of this question, quickly came under attack from their orthodox opponents. 59 Nonetheless, by deemphasizing the confessional differences and stressing the godly lifestyle as a sign of true Christians, Pietism paved the way for Protestant unions in the nineteenth century. Summary Everyone who studies the ecclesiologies of Pietist groups is confronted with a bundle of problems that accompany all ecclesiological concepts in the modern era.

See above, n. ), p. , –; Spener, Theologische Bedencken, vol.  (see above, n. ), p. ; Spener, Die Evangelische LebensPflichten (see above, n. ), p. ; Spener, Die evangelische Glaubens-Lehre (see above n. ), p.  f. Cf. Confessio Augustana art. . 13 Spener, Theologische Bedencken, vol.  (see above, n. ), pp. ; cf. D. Martin Luthers Werke, Kritische Gesamtausgabe, ed. K. , (Weimar, –), /II: ,–,; ,–, (“Vom ehelichen Leben”, ) (Hereafter cited as WA).

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