How To Read A Person Like A Book [non-verbal-body language] by Gerard I. Nierenberg

By Gerard I. Nierenberg

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Unlike in person-to-person intercourse, their audiences tend not to be oversensitive to the gesture. When someone points at a group rather than at an individual, it is always easy to believe that the person being fingered is your neighbor, not you. Within family groups, one finds that if the parents use this gesture when reprimanding their children, their children may use it on their pets or dolls — a sort of pecking order of discipline. Anyone who has ever had a pet knows how effective the index finger is in communicating orders or disciplining the animal.

45. Pride and possession Placing an Object on a Desired Space. Sometimes we extend our territorial rights to what Humphry Osmond has termed “sociofugal space” by distributing various personal articles — coat, purse, book, newspaper — on it, hoping it will not be encroached upon. Students spread out their possessions when studying in a library and wishing not to have anyone near them. The theatergoer, when seats are unreserved, drapes hiscoat over the seat in front of him to keep others from sitting there and obstructing his view.

Get that person back to wearing his glasses so that both of you can “see” different alternatives. Pipe-Smokers. Pipe-smokers are necessarily more involved with the ritual of smoking than are cigarette-smokers. After all, the pipe-smoker has many more functions to perform: He has to fill the pipe, clean it, tap it, stoke it, and keep it lit. , which permits the use of the pipe (to stall for thinking time) as a secret signal instrument. ” He conducts negotiation signals with his pipe like the maestro conducted the NBC Symphony.

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