How to wrestle;: Instructions based on the work of Frank A. by George; Frank A. Gotch Robbins

By George; Frank A. Gotch Robbins

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I wanted the leg for future use. It felt as though Gotch wanted to take it along with him. ’ “This writer had caught the principal idea of the toe hold—the idea of leverage. I made a study of mechanics and it was there that I learned the true value of leverage in wrestling. 58 TOE HOLD OVER THE LEG 59 The plan of this and other such holds is to make one’s opponent use many times more power to resist one than the attacker exerts in his aggressive moves. I have wrestled stronger men than I am, but in every move I try to make my opponent use more strength than I do.

57 Toe Hold Over the Leg “When I was in England trying to force Hackenschmidt out of his shell, I was asked quite often to explain the toe hold,” related Gotch. “A sporting writer asked me whether I thought it right to use such a painful grip. He said it was against the rules to twist a wrestlers finger and it was certainly just as unfair to twist one of his toes. To have answered that question would have spoiled a good joke, but it expresses the general idea of the toe hold, which is an erroneous one.

48 HAMMERLOCK AND HALF NELSON 49 Chancery and Crotch This results from a half nelson and crotch and is one way of holding a wrestler with this combination. When an opponent has been worked to the mat, if on the right side get a half nelson and with the leverage turn him over far enough to get a crotch. The wrestler has tried to spin out, but has been halted by the combined force of the half nelson and crotch. As the defensive wrestler raises his head the attacker may encircle his head and retain the crotch hold, completing the chancery and crotch.

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