Humor in der arabischen Kultur / Humor in Arabic Culture by Tamer, Georges, Georges Tamer

By Tamer, Georges, Georges Tamer

The broadcast life's paintings of the founder of German sociology is now being made on hand for overseas examine and educating with a brand new whole version. quantity 10 is the 6th of a projected 24-volume variation. The essential subject matter in T?¶nnies' writings from 1916 to 1918 is the 1st global conflict; he observed literary tracking of it as a countrywide legal responsibility which no highbrow might overlook. His political journalism from that point is characterized by means of the inner political and social stipulations in England, that country's international, colonial and worldwide rules, the ""warmongering"" of britain and Russia and foreign criminal facets of the nice struggle. A counterpoint to those writings, which have been born of a countrywide academic motivation, is supplied through his texts remembering Theodor typhoon, which attest to a deep friendship, the importance of which has been principally missed through literary historians.

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Cf. al-T9abarī, Jāmi( albayān (see note 22), vol. VII: juz) XIV, pp. ; Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzī, Mafātih9 al-ghayb (see note 26), vol. V, p. 282. 18 Georges Tamer The second Sura al-Baqara, “The Cow”, is widely considered as the first Medinan Sura. One passage in the Sura reflects a problem with which Muhammad and his community in the new context were confronted. 61 The Qur)ān states God’s reaction to their attitude as follows:62 God mocks them and gives them the latitude to wander aimlessly in their intransigence.

We could imagine that such an example should have caused among the audience a kind of Schadenfreude against their adversaries who were so stupid that they traded with loss. 2. 64 Here we have a story which demonstrates a situation well known to the inhabitants of the 60 61 62 63 64 Q 2:14. Cf. Camilla Adang, art. “Hypocrites and Hypocracy”, in: Encyclopaedia of the Qur)ān (see note 11), vol. II, pp. 468ff. Q 2:15. Q 2:16. Q 2:17-18. The Qur)ān and humor 19 desert who used to burn fire in order to get light and warmth in dark cold nights.

78 A different form of humor is expressed in the way a false prophet uses a Qur)ānic verse in order to justify his pretending of prophecy, or a faulty physician to justify his medical mistake. 79 This is done on purpose with full awareness of the situation. This cannot be claimed for the stupid man who used not to feed his donkey, but to recite above its nosebag the verse “Say: He is God, One” (Q 112:1). As the donkey starved, the man was angry at the verse and said: By God, I never would have thought that the verse “Say: He is God, One” kills donkeys!

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