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Дилерский мануал на английском языке к автомобилю Hyundai Sonata 2 поколения (Y2), выпускавшемуся с 1988 по 1993 год. Двигатели Mitsubishi 4G63 (2.0), 4G64(2.4) - выриант GL, 6G72(3.0) - вариант GLE. КПП 4-ступенчатый автомат, five ступенчатая механика, по лицензии Mitsubishi. Часть автомобилей была выпущена в Канаде.

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2. The circlips on the drive shafts should be replaced at each removal. 26. Hang the lower arm and drive shaft from the body with a string. 27. Attach a cable to the engine, and use a chain block to lift the engine only enough to pull the cable tight. 28. Remove the front roll stopper. 29. Remove the rear roll stopper. 20Y036 20-24 ENGINE AND TRANSAXLE ASSEMBLY 30. Remove the engine mount bolts. 31. Remove the engine mounting bracket from the engine. 32. Slowly raise the chain block (to the extent that the engine and transaxle weight is not applied to the mounting portions) and temporarily hold it in the raised condition.

1 cylinder at top dead center on compression stroke. Remove the water pump drive belt and pulley. Remove the crankshaft pulley and the upper and lower timing belt covers. Move the tensioner fully toward the water pump and temporarily secure tensioner. If timing belt is to be reused, make an arrow mark to indicate turning direction to ensure that belt is reinstalled in the same direction as before. Remove the timing belt from the sprockets. 'L--- Bolt Tensioner 20Y040 6. 7. When the oil pump sprocket nut is removed, fjrst remove the plug at left side of the cylinder block and insert a screwdriver to keep the left counter balance shaft in position.

13. Install the timing belt covers. 14. Install the crankshaft pulley and cranking adapter, and then Tensioner spring tighten bolts. Tightening torque Crankshaft pulley bolts . ft) Water pump 20-29 TIMING BELT Timing Belt Installation Procedure 1. Timing mark (on sprocket) Align timing mark on each sprocket with corresponding timing mark on the front case. Timi~dO (slot in front case) 2. 3. 4. When timing belt "B" is installed, make certain that tension side has no slack. Install tensioner "B" with center of pulley located on the left side of mounting bolt and with pulley flange directed toward front of engine.

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