Inside the Photon: A Journey towards Health by Tony Fleming, Elizabeth Bauer

By Tony Fleming, Elizabeth Bauer

Contained in the Photon: A trip in the direction of overall healthiness describes the newly chanced on layer of biophotonics underlying all atomic chemistry and biochemistry. As with the diversity of snowflakes, the diversity in organic species inside of flowers for example relies in this biophotonic layer of interplay inside atomic and biomolecular constructions. a brand new variety of energies that may be balanced in simple terms in the biophotonic states are answerable for those innumerable kinds of organic species.
The phonon, the quantum of acoustic, or vibrational, power can also be defined and given prestige along the photon. consequently the ‘biophonon’ sits apart the biophoton as a component inside organic buildings. Sounds can create constitution within the similar means biophotons can use constitution to communicate.
Therapies akin to homeopathy, acupuncture, conventional chinese language drugs are given clean impetus together with putative figuring out of mechanism. Mitosis is known through the mobilephone cycle and the way electrical, acoustic, and magnetic fields can set off alterations on the biophotonic point. the prospect arises of clinical treatment with no invasive surgical procedure and with out the negative effects of drug-based remedies.

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1a–f). As temperature or some other energy parameter such as pH drops, so too the self-field configuration changes as the photons change state. This can result, for instance, in a relaxation process with the emission of photons. But this may not be a normal random thermodynamic process as given by statistical thermodynamics. The molecular energy states can cluster together rather than being dispersed over a bandwidth of temperatures as with blackbody radiation. In the same way that rubidium crystals act as sources of coherent photons, or lasers, so too DNA and other biological systems can produce coherent photons controlling replication and other biological functions.

Fearing his ¨ colleagues would think him insane Rontgen performed his research in secrecy until he could determine to his own satisfaction what was going on. The phenomenon was immediately realised to be a medical imaging technique that could see inside tissues without surgical intervention. 3 Uncertainty: The Incomplete Photon The Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen (EPR) paradox refers to a paper in which Einstein challenged quantum theory that he saw as incomplete. As a consequence of this historical debate quantum entanglement is now understood as a way in which parts of a QM system connect.

SFT sees biological evolution as a resonance phenomenon related to cosmological evolution. These resonances may apply at each domain of gravity to form a specific fingerprint or bar code of any evolved species. Biological evolution is thus not a random process when viewed at the cosmological perspective. From the terrestrial domain Darwin saw struggle, randomness and uncertainty as the primary drivers of evolution. However, resonance appears involved at the cosmological level and the various gravitational domains below this universal level.

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