Internationalism or Russification? by I. Dzyuba, M. Davies

By I. Dzyuba, M. Davies

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Vogt, 9 April 1870: Hence it is the task o f the International everywhere to put the conflict between England and Ireland in the foreground, and everywhere to side openly with Ireland. And it is the special task o f the Central Council in London to awaken a consciousness in the English workers that for them the national emancipation o f Ireland is no question of abstract justice or humanitarian sentiment but the first condition o f their own social emancipation. Engels in a letter to M arx, 15 August 1870: The case seems to me to be as follows: Germany has been driven 1 H .

Now the nationality factor represents no danger to us. , the nation­ ality factor is of no importance here ... Furthermore, you can often see people trying to substitute personal impressions for an analysis of social facts. , they are content with the uncritical 36 Internationalism or Russification? method o f personal impression and build their nationalities policy on this basis ... * Let us be honest: do not these words, uttered in 1923, strike straight home at some of today’s statesmen ? Is not this ‘psychology’ still alive today ?

Selsam, Socialism and Ethics, London, 1947, pp. 186-7. Internationalism or Russification? 22 by Badinguet into a war for her national existence. I f Badinguet defeats her, Bonapartism will be strengthened for years and Germany broken for years, perhaps for generations. In that event there will no longer be any question o f an independent German working-class movement either, the struggle to restore Germany’s national existence will absorb everything, and at best the German workers will be dragged in the wake of the French ...

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