Interpersonal Communication: Navigating Relationships in a by Carrie Cropley Hutchinson

By Carrie Cropley Hutchinson

This article is an creation to theories and study in interpersonal communique.

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In addition, learning to ask others about their perception is the first step of many skills you'll learn later in this class, so this is excellent practice. How Do You Do It? 1. Ask someone you trust if he or she would be willing to help you analyze your communication so that you can identify your strengths and areas that need improvement. _____________________________________________________________ 2. , do you make your point or your desired outcome clear)? , are you sensitive and responsive to the feelings and attitude of the listener)?

This is a non-reactive response, showing lack of interest and excitement. In contrast, researchers find that too much arousal indicates an anxious or nervous communication environment. The level of anxiety, or the relaxedness, refers to the level of tension and discomfort communicated by the participants. u From these cues we may detect nervousness, anxiety, or dishonesty. 14 We commu­ nicate dominance through the increased use of space, more direct eye contact, initiating touch, increased vocal volume, lower pitch, greater range of pitch, and increased interruptions.

56 In contrast to the dominant Western perception that the hijab strips women of their own identity and therefore creates objectification, the women interviewed believed that by wearing the hijab they escaped objectification by men. By removing the emphasis on their physical appearance, these women believed that they are seen as people, as opposed to objects of desire. To them, the hijab eliminates the distractions created by superficial appearances and allows members of their group to focus more deeply on each other as people.

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