Introduction to Biblical Hebrew by Thomas O. Lambdin

By Thomas O. Lambdin

Covers a whole year's path in straight forward biblical Hebrew on the university point.

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Habbattim ba’ir. 7. ’epoh hannaharot? hannaharot sam. 8. he’arim sam wahadderek poh. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ni atf an y n 8 Write in Hebrew: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The men and the women are in the city. The king is in the palace. The women are here. Where are the young men and the servants? The books are in the city. The cities are near the rivers. [ in LESSON 3 21. The Definite Article (concluded). When a word begins with the syllables ya- or ma-, the definite article is usually n ha- without the doubling: crib’ yaladim "lir va’or □■'bjnp maraggalm crib^n Itayladim the boys "ik'n hay'dr the river, the Nile crbanari hamraggalim the spies Note that in these words the prefixing of the article occasions the loss of a syllable in pronunciation: hay-la-dim, not ha-ya-la-dim.

You (f. )] them (m. ) them (f. ) Here, as elsewhere in the language, a distinction between genders is made in the second person as well as in the third. ” The preposition a bo with suffixes is exactly like the above. An alternate form na barn for ona bahem is also used. The pronouns as objects of the verb may occur as suffixes on the object marker, as follows: mk 'oti Tjnk 'otaka 'btdk ink 'oto nnk 'btah me you (m. ) you (f. nk nnk ]hn 'otanu 'etkem 'etken 'otam 'dtan us you (m. ) you (f. )] them (m.

Rraa erxn ha'is babbayit maa itn ur yes 'is babbayit maa w-N pk 'en 'is babbayit The man is ... A man is ... There is a man ... No man is ... There is no man ... 38. The Prepositions a ha-, b b-, and _nx 'et- with Pronominal Suffixes. When a personal pronoun is the object of a preposition, it is appended as a suffix directly to the preposition: -b rjb ■jb ib nb li bka Idle Id lah to to to to to me you (m. ) you (f. ) him her ub lanu nnb lakem [ & laken nnb lahem in’? Idhen to to to to to us you (m.

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