Introductory Syriac Method and Manual by Robert Dick Wilson, K. C. Hanson

By Robert Dick Wilson, K. C. Hanson

Introductory Syriac approach and handbook. This ebook, "Introductory Syriac approach and manual", by means of Robert Dick Wilson, is a replication of a booklet initially released prior to 1891. it's been restored by means of people, web page through web page, so you may possibly take pleasure in it in a sort as as regards to the unique as attainable.

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P ]Ajo^ ]-ij-DALo9 '^T ^ Vl4>9 |uiJU9CL0 If-^^^ 01 7 ^1" 7 "^iVo y >>. P77 >. k7 c\njt o n " i 7 5^ ocor ai. ^,^ 7 7 ^gin A 7 P ASn^n l-iJxo ^ w V cc(7i 01^ ^^^>^ 7 ^ 7 rfftViN^ ' 7P \ n I 7 ^]o . cj^lo )^^S . 1^ y 7 p. 7 7 7 >. 7 *\S 01^9 ^^^^o P ]^9Q-**"|? csiiAiS90JS p.. 7 ^ *> v^> 7 7 P < '** P J>. PtS'i 7 ^' It^ ^r^^ 0(nl;u 7 7 7 ^^tv)^^^ P ,Jb) 7 P P P P P(^? 0Vl09 l-^^-'?! P P b. ;. 7 P 7 7 b. ^A Q-1Xq 7 Q P XXVII. \ ^9Z oilo^ jr CHRESTOMATHY. 30 o 7 t>- P77 ^ . , P m tiSn lO V^ 1 i-s 7 P P I ouepViN ,,y7 Clsj ..

Axci there, therefore. >^? to sleep. (iJulsc? jio? to believe. S01 thus, so. >^oi to go, walk, tear. II to wonder. y poi to profit. jJo! c5 ^Qjoi they, 1 Tigris. grade, ordination. 9595 briers. >fh to come s^sai those 1Z5 5 palace. \jk>(n paifi^CT governor. ^ jjo? this, 37. V cm 37. a-ccn he it is. coi he, 35. fom to be, 37. now. ^o woe, Abel. , o and, that, when, or. behold. V^oi 37. to return, overturn. 1^501 here. 01 35. aJoi those, ^01 to. 37. 55 to exercise, teach. 1 37. these, ^uiJ? to rise.

Wik^ midst. jnnV) burial, jjjio way. )Lq|^ intoxicating. p now. liiJ to prophecy. prophet. Ain1 to kindle. ,-,-J ou^ to smite, beat. to shine. Tj-i-^' long. GLOSSABT. 43 to be long. i^ Jf2 to VOW. \2n iWl temptation. to <^xUl pour out.. VOW. jSnM Naamah. 93ij to shine. w^^aJ to breath. jiavJ river. VL to Ij^oU light. ^aaJ to go out. j ^ Nod. aJ to move, wander. l^oiaJ %^ light to rest. fall. to break. w^aj soul. ,jc^ to plant. |lw^ plant. lirf^aJ stranger. PvJ liia fish. jnnl female. ]aJ 1,-oJ fire.

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