Is It a Choice?: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked by Eric Marcus

By Eric Marcus

The solutions to all of the questions you've ever had approximately homosexuality yet have been afraid to invite are ultimately in a single ebook, Is It a Choice?

In this newly revised and up to date version, Eric Marcus presents insightful, no-nonsense solutions to hundreds of thousands of the main frequently asked questions about homosexuality. supplying frank perception on every thing you've continually wanted-and needed-to learn about same-gender relationships, popping out, kin roles, politics, and lots more and plenty extra, including:

How have you learnt if you're homosexual or lesbian?

What when you do in the event that your baby is homosexual or lesbian?

Do homosexual mom and dad bring up homosexual children?

If you think that a chum is homosexual or lesbian, what when you say?

Why do homosexual women and men are looking to get married?

What does the Bible say approximately homosexuality?

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