Kant's Theory of Mental Activity, A Commentary on the by Robert Paul Wolff

By Robert Paul Wolff

Ebook by means of Wolff, Robert Paul

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In the Dissertation I was content to explain the nature of these intellectual representations in a merely negative manner, viz. as not being modifications of the soul produced by, the object. But I silently passed over the further question, how such representations, which refer to an object and yet are not the result of an affection' due to that object, can be possible. I had maintained that the sense representations represent things as they appear, the intellectual representations things as they are.

The other three philosophical relations identity, situations in time and place, and causation are quite another case altogether. For each "depend]s] not upon the idea, and may be absent or present even while that remains the same" [Treatise, p. 73]. We can easily imagine two objects in a variety of spatio-temporal relations while yet their characteristics remain unchanged. , the impressions of a single, identical object), or merely the impressions of resembling objects, depending upon the conditions under which they appear.

As strongly by Kant, tells us a great deal more about the theoretical advance of the Critique beyond the Dissertation doctrine. In the Dissertation, Kant had distinguished between the real and the merely logical uses of intelligence. The question which he had been unable to answer was how the products of the rea] use of intelligence -:- the pure concepts - could have a priori application to unconditioned reality. ~plit . z'To each corresponds a real and '-l~gi~~Cuse; and the· question the Dissertation becomes, What is the status of the real uses of understanding and reason?

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