Krishna Charitra by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya

By Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya

Krishna Charitra is a recognized Bengali vintage the place Bankim Chandra endeavours to find Sri Krishna, the true individual, in the back of centuries of myths and legends. Written in 1886, this was once the 1st example the place the nature of Krishna is studied from a practical and wondering viewpoint. Like his novel Ananda Math, Krishna Charitra originates from Bankim Chandra's passionate feeling of patriotism. He desired to uphold Sri Krishna as not only a mythological determine, yet a fantastic Indian personality, whom different Indians may perhaps search for to. Sri Aurobindo says, "Bankim Chandra poured over the Bhagavad Gita and the Vedas striving to trap the deeper and sacred experience of these profound writings. to offer that to his countrymen used to be the strenuous objective of Krishna Charitra.",,,,...

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Contents Life and Personality of Bankim Chandra Introduction to Bankim Chandra’s Krishna Charitra Section I - The Beginning The Purpose of My Work How to Find the Real Krishna The Mahabharata from Historical Point of View The Pandavas Interpolations and Distortions in the Mahabharata The Unnatural and the Supernatural in the Mahabharata Section II — Vrindavana Yaduvansha (Sri Krishna’s Ancestry) Sri Krishna’s Birth Sri Krishna’s Childhood Sri Krishna’s Adolescence The Gopis ofVraja SriRadha Closing of Vrindavana Lila Section III — Mathura to Dwaraka The Slaying of Kansa Sri Krishna’s Education Jarasandha Life in Dwaraka Sri Krishna’s Consorts Section IV — Indraprastha Draupadi’s Swayamvara Report of Krishna’s Meeting with Yudhisthira The Harana of Subhadra Fire in the Khandava Forest Krishna, the Humanitarian Krishna’s Advice to Kill Jarasandha Account of Krishna’s Meeting with Jarasandha The Duel of Bhima and Jarasandha The Ritual of Honouring the Best Person in the Assembly The Slaying of Shishupala Exile of the Pandavas Section V — Upaplavya Warriors Choose their Sides Sanjaya’s Mission Proposal of Krishna’s Visit to Hastinapura The Journey Day One in Hastinapura Day Two in Hastinapura Krishna’s Meeting with Kama Section VI — Kurukshetra Bhishma in Battle Jayadratha Killed Understanding the Work of the Later Poets The Fall of Ghatotkacha The Fall of Drona The Religion that Krishna Preached The Fall of Kama The Fall of Duryodhana The Last Days of the War Setting up a Legislation Sermons on Desire Last Meeting with the Pandavas Section VII - The Incidents in Prabhasha Annihilation of the Yadus Conclusion Translator’s Epilogue Translator’s Notes A.

Bankim Chandra has been exceedingly thorough in his undertaking. He discusses roots of words at length to seek out their real meanings, compares statements by Sanskrit scholars, declares his own judgements on them, and reflects on philosophical concepts. He does all this to defend his thesis. Moreover, he simultaneously deals with the difficult task of convincing a large readership of 19th century Bengal, immersed in Krishna-bhakti, of the validity of his search for Sri Krishna, the real person, hidden behind centuries of myths and legends.

In that book, it is related that King Harasya of the Ikshwaku dynasty had once ruled Ayodhya. He had married Princess Madhumati of Madhuvana, better known as Mathura. For some reason, Harasya was expelled from Ayodhya and thus he came to live with his wife’s family in Mathura. Their son, Yadu, later became a king. Then, again somewhere else in the Rig Veda, the name Yadu appears as the name of a powerful non-Aryan ruler. Thus, we come upon three different persons having the name Yadu: Yadu, the son of Yayati Yadu of the Ikshwaku dynasty Yadu, the non-Aryan king Which of these three was Krishna’s ancestor?

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