Lasers for medical applications: Diagnostics, therapy and by Helena Jelínková

By Helena Jelínková

Lasers became an critical scientific software and new innovations and coverings concerning them are being pioneered for all time. The editor and participants commence via the reaction of tissue to laser gentle. They then define the kinds of lasers utilized in medication, together with solid-state, fuel, dye and semiconductor lasers and speak about using lasers for diagnostics, akin to optical coherence tomography, laser spectroscopy in biomedicine and optical biopsy. the ultimate part is devoted to functions of lasers in treatment and surgical procedure, protecting quite a few clinical fields together with dermatology, urology, gynecology, ophthalmology, dentistry and neurology and concludes with a glance at laser safety.

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Lasers for medical applications: Diagnostics, therapy and surgery

Lasers became an vital scientific software and new strategies and coverings regarding them are being pioneered forever. The editor and individuals commence by means of the reaction of tissue to laser mild. They then define the categories of lasers utilized in drugs, together with solid-state, gasoline, dye and semiconductor lasers and speak about using lasers for diagnostics, comparable to optical coherence tomography, laser spectroscopy in biomedicine and optical biopsy.

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In an ideal case, when the laser operates in the fundamental (TEM00) mode, the waves in the plane perpendicular to the axis of propagation have a Gaussian intensity profile (Fig. 4] where w is the radial distance at which the electromagnetic wave amplitude drops to 1/e of its value on the axis (2w is a spot size diameter) and the light intensity decreases to 1/e2 of its axial value. Physically, the Gaussian wave concentrates the light intensity along the axis of the cavity. Propagating through space, it resembles a narrow beam of light called a Gaussian beam.

From the point of atom theory the so-called ‘stationary state’ of the atom can be defined (published by Niels Bohr in his ‘General assumptions’, 1915 (Bohr, 1934)). Every stationary state is characterized by a specific, well-defined energy. 1 Demonstration of the dual nature of light. The light from the sun (or, generally, all electromagnetic radiation) propagates in accordance with the laws of general optics (reflection, refraction, absorption, scattering, transmission), and at the same time displays the properties of particles (it is possible to investigate the radiation power).

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