Laugh Yourself Healthy: Keep the Doctor Away-With a Giggle a by Charles Hunter

By Charles Hunter

Every body must laugh-laugh extra usually, chuckle at ourselves, and snigger on the nonsensical situations and occasions we are facing on a daily basis. Humor strengthens the immune process, allowing the physique to struggle disorder and illness. Drawing from lifetimes of pleased ministry, Charles and Frances Hunter have compiled a few outstanding jokes, anecdotes, musings, and brain twisters to make your center merry and velocity therapeutic for your physique and soul.

About the Author-
Charles and Frances Hunter—the satisfied Hunters—are mythical figures within the physique of Christ. they're identified world wide as of the main anointed and lively evangelists on the earth! they've got ministered in forty nine international locations and feature obvious striking healings all over the place they've been. they're authors of fifty four best-selling books, together with: how you can Heal the ill, which has been translated into such a lot of languages that nearly eighty percentage of the world's inhabitants can learn it in a local language.

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