Hebrew basic lessons - learn to read biblical hebrew by Eti Shani

By Eti Shani

This can be a new manner of studying Biblical Hebrew, a right-brain visible method that permits you to event the language, not only give it some thought.

You won't locate paragraph after paragraph jam-packed with reasons of principles and exceptions the following. as an alternative, you'll discover ways to learn and comprehend small chunks of the unique Hebrew Bible as fast and very easily as possible.


Reading the Bible in Hebrew could be a daunting prospect for newbies. but when we take it step-by-step, it really is more uncomplicated than most folks imagine. step one is to benefit the Hebrew letters (see our e-book "Learn Hebrew the joys & effortless means: The Hebrew Alphabet"), the second one to benefit unmarried phrases (see "Hebrew Flash playing cards: ninety nine crucial phrases And Phrases") after which brief words.

This e-book is a compilation of ten renowned Hebrew words from the e-book of Exodus, meant for intermediate rookies who've already simple wisdom of the Hebrew alphabet and wish to make their first steps in the direction of unlocking the treasure trove of Biblical Hebrew.


Instead of overwhelming the reader with too many info correct from the beginning, this little booklet makes use of a visible method, maximizing publicity to the particular "look & consider" of the Hebrew language whereas minimizing distractions.

Each word is gifted in daring, simply readable letters inside of an aesthetically unique structure, entire with meta-information in regards to the position of the word in either the Hebrew and English Bible.

By flipping the pages readers can delve deeper into every one word, studying the proper pronunciation, translation and context of every word. as well as that, there are notes approximately a variety of Hebrew peculiarities and hyperlinks to (free) web pages containing audio, vocabulary and additional information.


This isn't a lecture, it really is extra like an invitation.

In preserving this quantity as digestible and open as attainable, we are hoping that it'll act as a springboard into the wealthy and unending international of Biblical Hebrew.


This book contains:

* 10 brief words from the Hebrew Bible (book Exodus)
* tables with translation, transliteration (pronunciation)
* specified visualizations designed to maximise memorization
* context details that can assist you evaluate English translations with the original
* simply comprehensible notes approximately peculiarities of Biblical Hebrew
* hyperlinks to extra loose assets on-line

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Sheym ha-ish-shah marat le-viyn This is a boy. zeh ye-led This is a girl. zot yal-dah This is a man. zeh iysh This is a woman. zot ish-shah One man. Two men. iysh e-chad. she-na-yim a-na-shiym. One woman. Two women. ish-shah a-chat. she-tayim na-shiym. G Sentences Translation Transliteration Here is one man. hin-neyh iysh e-chad. The name of the man is Mr. Kahen. sheym ha-iysh mar kahen. To Mr. Kahen there is a taliyt. le-mar ka-hen yeysh taliyt. To Mr. Kahen there is tephiliyn. le-mar ka-hen yeysh tephi-liyn.

This letter is an abbreviated form of the Hebrew word "‫( "תיב‬beyt) meaning "house". The house is where the family resides "inside". The root word is "‫ "שאר‬meaning "head". Words related in meaning to the root are commonly formed by adding certain letters to the root and all of the words derived from the same root will be related in meaning. ) By being able to recognize the prefixes and letters added to a root to form noun derivatives, one can easily see the root word within the word. There are approximately 8,000 different words in the Bible, all of which are derived from only about 1,500 root words.

The root word is "‫ "המ‬with the masculine plural suffix "‫"םי‬. When a word ends with the letter "‫ "ה‬as in this root word and the masculine plural suffix is added, the "‫ "ה‬is dropped. The word "‫ "המ‬means "unknown" and is commonly translated as "what" a word used to discover an unknown. Another form of this word is "‫ "ימ‬and is usually translated as "who", another word used to discover an unknown. When this word appears in the plural form it always refers to "water". The sea (a place of large water) is seen as an unknown place, hence, the relationship between water and an unknown.

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