Lefkandi IV: The Bronze Age: The Late Helladic IIIC by D. Evely

By D. Evely

This quantity, the final deliberate through Mervyn Popham, describes the payment of Xeropolis at Lefkandi throughout the LH IIIC interval. Following excavation among 1964 and 1969, a chain of intervening time stories and articles performed a pivotal function in revealing the historical past of this a part of the Aegean, in addition to offering a lot of the early framework for the current department of LH IIIC ceramics. Lefkandi IV now offers a close account of the site's 3 major levels of career and lots of very important unearths. An preliminary bankruptcy units out the stratigraphical heritage of LH IIIC Xeropolis as documented primarily Excavation region and Trials (Don Evely and Hugh Sackett). this is often through expert stories at the pottery (Mervyn Popham, Elizabeth Schofield and Susan Sherratt), the pictorial pottery (Joost Crouwel), the terracotta collectible figurines (Elizabeth French) and the small reveals (Don Evely). eventually a precis of crucial observations rising from the quantity is gifted via Susan Sherratt. A CD-Rom makes on hand reviews at the intramural burials (Jonathan Musgrave) and shells (David Reese), in addition to statistical tables for selected ceramic contexts and concordances. the total quantity is copiously illustrated with plans, line drawings and images.

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69/540or901; 18 TC figurine; F38. H. 2; D. base conical;red,withinclusions. d. 5. 69/55bis. Plus,stonepounderwithquern12, obsidian. in a basicred-orange The fillproperofthisroomis,as ever,muchinfluenced bythefiredestruction: and fallenstoneof mudbrick in are encountered and blacker browner ash, fragments soil, grey places smallto mediumsize. inthemselves; ofcasualloss,noneofanyconsequence Fromthisearthcomeonlyitemsrepresentative ofclay. from collapse upper storey butwithcomplete P20 Kylixfrag. profile.

36* Metalshaft (3); copper/bronze. 66/69and72. 35. Non-joining pieces,corroded human;Tau. 5). Hmax. 7. 66/192;F5. 15: 4). L. 5; D. Complete. THE SITE AND ITS EXCAVATION i8 stillinfill, Higher fromupper floor 39 40 41 42 Obsidian flake. Obsidian fragment(fig. 7: 18). Obsidian fragment. 4, fig. 9: 7). Lmax. 5; W. 6; Th. 2. Business side of the blade lightlyconcave; bent at pointof fracture. Outside edge seems bent over. 66/71. Sincethehearths and binsare a recurrent a description oftheirgeneralnaturemaybe useful feature, at thisstageto avoidrepetition.

5, fig. 16: 6). Complete. H. 8. Shallow bowl with slightly everted lip. 66/P180. 1 1, fig. 20: 3). Near complete. H. rim 16. Mono, in and out except forreserved foot;black paint. 66/P182. P5* Tub. (fig. 36: 4). Near complete except formuch of base. H. rim 43. Horizontal thickenedrim with raised moulding below; two horizontalgrooved handles. Pinkish-buff clay withgrass or strawimpressionson base, similarbut less markedon ext. walls. 66/P369. inassociation withdestruction upperstorey higher Slightly colfapsefrom P6* Lip-band cup.

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