Leisure, Pleasure and Healing by Dvorjetski, E.

By Dvorjetski, E.

This publication offers with relaxation, excitement and therapeutic on the spas within the jap Mediterranean basin because the biblical period during the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and early Muslim sessions concentrating on way of life, therapeutic cults, scientific thoughts and coverings on the healing spas.

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9. chapter one historical descriptions accord with the archaeological Àndings and chronological conclusions derived from the excavations in the baths of Tiberias, Hammat-Gader, Kallirrhoe, Pella, and Emmaus. The therapeutic qualities of the baths of Levant, as attested by the ancient sources. Were the Classical writers acquainted with the healing of the thermo-mineral waters in the Levant? What can be learnt from our information with regard to various personages and their medical problems about the therapeutic qualities of the hot springs?

3 Sources from the Second Temple period show that the healing qualities of thermal baths were already known at that time: the First Book of Enoch says: ‘In those days, these waters served kings and rulers and dignitaries and the inhabitants of the land to heal the body and to heal the spirit’. 5 To this day, only four articles on therapeutic springs in the Levant have been published. 7 Dechent wrote about therapeutic baths and bathing customs on the basis of descriptions by ancient non-Jewish historians alone, and did not use any Jewish sources.

Arabic names of hot springs in Palestine and Trans-Jordan are as follows (see Map 2): 74 Hamma—The Arabic name for the small hot springs on the east coast of Lake Kinneret, 2–3 kilometres north of Ein Gev. They are also known as al-Æamma a-Zaxira, the small hot spring. One of them is known as Ein Gophra, because of the sulphurous odors which it emits. They emerge at the foot of the Golan Heights, about 200 metres below the level of the Mediterranean. Hammam al-Malieh—The Arabic name for the hot springs in the mountains of east Samaria, about 15 kilometres south of Beth Shean.

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