Leo Kottke Tablature Collection by Leo Kottke

By Leo Kottke

It is a number of all the Leo Kottke tablature transcriptions (for guitar) chanced on at the classclef.com tab web site. we're indebted to the paintings of that site's individuals for those very good transcriptions.

(Vector PDF with bookmarks)


Accordion Bells 2
Across the road 7
Agile N 9
Airproofing 17
Anyway 24
Bean Time 28
Bigger state of affairs 33
Busted Bicycle 57
Cripple Creek 68
Echoing Gilewitz 72
Eggtooth 75
Eight Miles excessive 80
The Fisherman 90
Hole within the Day 97
In Christ there is not any East Or West 101
In the palms of Mary 104
The final Steam Engine educate 109
Little Martha 118
Living within the kingdom 129
Machine No. 2 132
Mona Ray 137
Ojo 144
Red and White 151
Rings (Live) 157
The Sailor’s Grave at the Prairie 167
Snorkel 172
The tune of the Swamp 182
Stealing 191
Taxco Steps 199
A Trout towards midday 210
Vaseline desktop Gun 216
Watermelon 226
Wonderland through evening 238

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