Local Geometry of the Fermi Surface: And High-Frequency by Natalya A. Zimbovskaya

By Natalya A. Zimbovskaya

A remedy of the Fermi-liquid idea of high-frequency phenomena in metals, in paricular the consequences because of neighborhood positive factors within the geometry of the Fermi floor. The textual content develops a constant thought of a number of results, reminiscent of cyclotron resonances in magnetic fields general to the skin. subject matters coated comprise: uncomplicated equations of the Fermi-liquid idea; cyclotron Doppler on waves; neighborhood anomalies within the Fermi floor; cyclotron resonancce in metals; magneto-acoustic oscillations and the neighborhood geometry of the Fermi floor.

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19) the following equation for g: n - iwgvv' + ! (Ev' - + iwn~v,(r)(r) - I Ev)g~v' + :: =~~, drfj~v,(r)E~(r) iwA:~f(r)&ufJlora] = IvAg]. 21) 36 2. 22) Vt V2 1 iw - grad «r) - -[u(r) x B], e c A'*(r) = A *(r) - TI*(r). /:: (Ev' - Ev)pvv,(r) 1ft 1 0* = -[jvv,(r) x B] c 8 *a{:J -TIvv' (r). 25) This operator TI*(r) has the meaning of the operator of the effective flux of the momentum of electrons and is connected with the nonrenormalized operator of the momentum flux TI(r) as follows: TI*vv' () r = TI vv' () r + ""' L-- EIVI VI V2 VI IV2 FVIVzTI* _- E vv' VI V2 () r .

However, this method can be applied exclusively for Fenni surfaces which can be converted to spheres. To make such transformations possible the Fermi surface should satisfy rather severe restrictions. The second way is also applicable to a broader class of Fenni surfaces, but detailed approximations for the Fermi-liquid functions are valid only when the external magnetic field is directed along a symmetry axis of a high order. To be solved, problems considered in the present work need, in approximations, both the first and second types.

50) for the skin depth because it is valid only in the local regime of propagation of the electromagnetic wave when the electric field is nearly uniform over the distances of the order of I. " The systematic theory of the anomalous skin effect in metals was developed in the work of Reuter and Zondheimer [2]. However, we can estimate the skin depth of a strongly anomalous skin effect following the qualitative approach proposed by Pippard. The point of this approach is that when an electromagnetic field penetrates into a metal to a depth 8, which is small compared to the free path length, only the electrons moving nearly in parallel to the surface of the metal strongly interact with the field and absorb some energy.

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