Low Energy Neutrons and their Interaction with Nuclei and by Yu. P. Popov, W. I. Furman (auth.), H. Schopper (eds.)

By Yu. P. Popov, W. I. Furman (auth.), H. Schopper (eds.)

There isn't any different particle than the neutron which has attracted a lot curiosity, either in primary physics and for functions. simply because no greater compilation of neutron facts has seemed for the reason that greater than 10 years, it appeared worthy, particularly for purposes, to submit an up to date choice of such facts. the current compilation offers info for neutrons with energies under 20 MeV, with the emphasis on energies lower than the keV diversity. there's such an abundance of experimental facts that it needed to be allotted over 3 volumes. the basic houses of the neutron, the pass sections for varied neutron reactions and a few total parameters of resonances are reproduced within the current subvolumes I/16A half 1 and half 2, whereas quantity I/16B, which has already been released, is totally devoted to the knowledge of neutron resonance parameters.

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1 − pnz (61) ρn σ i ), what is the same) for pn is valid but the absolute value Thereat, Eq. (59) ( or pni = Trace (ˆ of pn can be arbitrary within the interval 0 ≤ |pn | ≤ 1: if the neutron beam is partially polarized (nonpolarized, polarized), then 0 < |pn | < 1 (|pn | = 0, |pn | = 1). Nucleus spin states (as well atomic ones) within the medium are practically mixed always and their description is based generally on usage of the density matrix for an arbitrary spin I and is cumbersome. However, often the interaction of polarized neutrons with polarized nuclei can be described by the nucleus polarization vector pN = I /I .

2 Elementary acts of neutron-matter interactions [Ref. p. 3–72 where the symbol ... 1 For a pure state |χ (Eq. (57)), the polarization vector pn = χ| σ |χ , and its components are pny = sin θ sin δ, pnz = cos θ, |pn |2 = 1. pnx = sin θ cos δ, (60) In general, the quantum spin states of a neutron are mixed. They are described by the neutron ˆn can be completely described by spin density matrix ρ ˆn . However, since s = 1/2, the matrix ρ three unconstrained real parameters. Those can be chosen to be the components of the vector pn .

4 Refraction and reflection of plane neutron waves. The angles in the plane of incidence (the plane of the vectors k0 and k0⊥ ): α, β, and γ = π/2 − α are the incidence, refractive,and glancing angle, respectively; α = β , β = α . Note that the vector k0⊥ remains unchanged when the wave enters the medium or reflects from the boundary. This property is maintained as well for the neutron wave interaction with the homogeneous medium of an arbitrary density, when the vacuum-medium boundary should be considered as an effective potential threshold (cf.

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