Macromolecular Solutions. Solvent–Property Relationships in by Raymond B. Seymour

By Raymond B. Seymour

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Thus absorbed water has a tre­ mendous effect on the stress cracking susceptibility of nylon 6,6 in organic liquids. This is further indicated by the rapid increase in critical strain shown in Fig. 2. 15 cm thick (DuPont Zytel Design Handbook). If water is desorbed from the partially moisturized sample the Macromolecular Solutions mmmm® Fig. 1. 8%. 5 10 Time (Minutes) Fig. 2. 15 Effect of exposure to 50% relative humidity on the critical strain of nylon 6,6 in n-butanol. 5 Low Polarity, Moderate "h" 1,4-Dioxane Low Polarity, High "h" Phenol m-Cresol Moderate Polarity, Low "h" Methyl isobutyl ketone Cyclohexanone Acetone Moderate Polarity, Mod, "h" Diacetone alcohol Tetrahydrofuran Moderate Polarity, High "h" n-Butanol n-Propanol Ethanol High Polarity, Low "h" Nitroethane Acetonitrile High Polarity, Mod.

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