Madah-Sartre: The Kidnapping, Trial, and Conver(sat s)ion of by Alek Baylee Toumi

By Alek Baylee Toumi

“Hell is different people,” Jean-Paul Sartre famously wrote in No Exit. the wonderful tragicomedy Madah-Sartre brings him again from the useless to confront the unusual and lousy fact of that assertion. because the tale starts off, Sartre and his consort in mind and love, Simone de Beauvoir, are on their solution to the funeral of Tahar Djaout, an Algerian poet and journalist slain in 1993. En direction they're abducted by means of Islamic terrorists and ordered to transform . . . or die. on the grounds that they're already lifeless, fearless Sartre supplies the terrorists an opportunity to persuade him with reason.
What follows is, as James D. Le Sueur writes in his advent, “one of the main imaginitive and provocative performs of our era.” Sartre, one of many maximum thinkers of the 20th century, unearths himself in an absurd but lethal genuine debate with armed enthusiasts approximately terrorism, faith, intellectuals, democracy, women’s rights, and secularism, attempting to carry his rivals again to their senses in an come across as demanding because it is compelling.

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Why . . cop : You’re lucky to have nine kids. Otherwise, we’d burn your car and you in it. You talk too much . . Beat it. sc e n e 3 The taximan goes to a medical doctor’s office. docto r : Who is it? tax im a n : It’s me, Hamid Lounar. docto r : Who? tax im a n : Hamid, the taximan. Open up. I am wounded. docto r : (opens the door) Come in. What’s wrong? Who did this to you? tax im a n : An accident. I had an accident at a roadblock. They took away the customer. I did not know her. I tried to lie to protect her.

S artre : Man to woman. Perhaps you prefer Paul to Marie, but I would say it is Jean-Marie that you prefer to Jean-Paul. madah : If we prefer Jean-Marie to Jean-Paul, it is because the first one loves God and the second one does not even believe in him. The first one goes to church and the second does not even look at it. The first one has an army of believers and the second one has an army of intellectuals. Since the first one supports us, the choice is simple. If you could believe in God, if you could only make a little effort, we would accomplish great things together, transform the world.

France colonized us and wants to recolonize us. Intellectuals, Francophones, feminists are her agents. ” s artr e : Wouldn’t it be fair to call you the party of the Saudis or Iran? You have imported an ideology that did not exist in North Africa thirty years ago. madah : Both Iran and Saudi Arabia are Islamic countries. s artr e : Iran is a kingdom with apartheid based on sex . . It’s like South Africa in the fifties where women wearing chadors have replaced the Blacks.

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