Making and marketing medicine in Renaissance Florence by James Shaw, Evelyn Welch

By James Shaw, Evelyn Welch

What did you do in the event you fell ailing in fifteenth-century Florence? How did you get the drugs that you simply wanted at a value you'll come up with the money for? What might you discover for those who entered an apothecary's store? This richly unique learn of the Speziale al Giglio in Florence presents mind-blowing solutions, demonstrating the ongoing value of hugely customized clinical perform past due into the 15th century. Drawing on wide archival learn, it exhibits how own relationships and mutual belief, instead of marketplace forces, made cost attainable even for people with constrained earning. studying the areas, humans and items concerned, Making and advertising and marketing medication investigates the jobs performed by means of sociability, details networks and legislation in growing groups in addition to in selling healthiness in Renaissance Italy

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S. Olschki, 1991), 12–13, further notes that he was ‘lettore allo Studio’ at the University of Ferrara during the academic years 1466–72. De omni genere febrium. Et de morbidis particularibus a capite usque ad pedes. (Venice: Stefano dei Nicolini da Sabbio, 1536); De aqua Porretae (Florence, 1487); Contro alla peste. Il consiglio di Messer Marsilio Ficino. Il Co’siglio di Maestro Tommaso del Garbo. Una Ricetta duna polvere co’posta da Maestro Mingo da Faenza. Una Ricetta fatta nello Studio di Bolognia et molte altri Remedii (1523).

But since the apothecary at the Giglio was not even registered with the Guild of Apothecaries, this may reflect a loosening of Guild control over the marketplace in this period rather than a decline in the business itself. 38 There is no immediately identifiable reason for Tommaso’s membership of the shoemakers’ guild, apart from the fact that it offered important social and commercial connections; clearly such boundaries and definitions were slippery. 39 But if the apothecary’s guild appears to have been unconcerned by a man formally defined as a ‘shoemaker’ operating a major business in their area of oversight, other boundaries did give rise to considerable anxiety.

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