Marijuanamerica: One Man’s Quest to Understand America’s by Alfred Ryan Nerz

By Alfred Ryan Nerz

Alfred Ryan Nerz is a Yale-educated writer, journalist, and television manufacturer. He’s additionally an established marijuana fanatic who has made it his undertaking to higher comprehend America’s long-standing love-hate dating with our favourite (sometimes) unlawful drug. His cross-country research began sensibly sufficient: taking sessions at a hashish collage, placing out with a guy who will get 300 pre-rolled joints per 30 days from the government, and traveling the world’s greatest clinical marijuana dispensary. yet after connecting with a mysterious good friend of a pal, his trip took an unforeseen flip and he came upon himself embedded with one of many biggest growers and buyers at the West Coast. He speedy reworked from first rate journalist into an underworld apprentice—surrounded via pit bulls, unique medications, beanbags jam-packed with funds, and trunks packed with weed. yet whereas suffering to navigate the eccentric characters and rampant paranoia of the black marketplace, he maintained sufficient equanimity to discover a couple of important questions: Is marijuana hurting or aiding us? How is it affecting our lungs, our brains, and our goals? Is it really addictive, and if this is the case, are too many people depending on it? should still we legalize it? Does he have to surrender? As pleasing because it is illuminating, Marijuanamerica is one man’s try to humanize the myriad hot-button themes surrounding the nation’s worst-kept secret—our obsession with weed—while studying whatever approximately himself alongside the way.

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“This e-book is so interesting, i would like to roll it up and smoke it. Ryan Nerz takes us on a delightfully bizarre and academic trip that incorporates crazed pharmacists, a man named Buddha Cheese, and an interstate highway journey with a trunk packed with pot.”
A. J. Jacobs, writer of The 12 months of residing Biblically

Marijuanamerica has all of it: possibility, suspense, nuts-and-bolts reportage, laugh-out-loud discussion, gritty characters, sociological dissection, and hella deep ideas. Nerz has expertise to burn; this can be participatory journalism at its finest.”
Davy Rothbart, writer of My middle Is an Idiot, writer of Found Magazine, common contributor to This American Life

“What a protracted, unusual journey it's been for Ryan Nerz, whose wild stories and antics are the stuff stoner lore is made from. yet in taking a look at how some distance Marijuana has come, he additionally poses the harsh questions each stoner necessarily asks. Ryan's trip is one worthy taking.”
—Shirley Halperin[/i], writer of Pot Culture

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