Martin Rivas (Library of Latin America) by Alberto Blest Gana, Tess O'Dwyer, Jaime Concha

By Alberto Blest Gana, Tess O'Dwyer, Jaime Concha

Largely stated because the first Chilean novel, Martin Rivas (1862) by way of Alberto Blest Gana (1830-1920) is immediately a passionate love tale and an confident illustration of Chilean nationhood. Written presently after a decade of civil clash, it really is an necessary resource for knowing politics and society in nineteenth-century Chile.The hero of the tale is Martin Rivas, an impoverished yet bold child from the northern mining sector of Chile, who's entrusted by way of his past due father to the loved ones of a prosperous and influential member of the Santiago elite. whereas dwelling there, he falls in love together with his guardian's daughter. the story in their tortuous yet eventually winning love affair represents the author's wish for reconciliation among Chile's adversarial nearby and sophistication pursuits. certainly, many critics have interpreted Martin Rivas as a blueprint for nationwide cohesion that emphasizes consensus over clash. as well as delivering statement in regards to the mores of Chilean society, Blest Gana files the large hole that existed among the wealthy and terrible periods. a useful textual content for its portrayal of latest social, political, and sophistication stipulations, Martin Rivas illustrates the enriching effect that romanticism had on nineteenth-century Chilean literature.

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He had learned from a servant that Don Damaso's house was the crown jewel of Santiago estates and that his children were the beau ideal of high style. The thought that he would have to sit beside these people, who were so accustomed to all the refinements of wealth, wounded his pride and distracted him from the ambitious vows that had brought him to Santiago. At half-past four o'clock in the afternoon, a servant informed Martin that his host wished to speak with him. Martin looked mechanically at the mirror over the mahogany sink and found himself pale and homely; but the voice of reason persuaded him to abandon his childish discouragement before it dampened his spirits.

32 December and January 1851-52. ), 51-52. 34 Martin Rivas, 34. 35 Intentional parallelisms of this sort abound in the novel. It is obvious, for example, that the representation of the tertulias, or gatherings of the elite class, is structurally identical to the description of the ficAo/eo in the home of Dona Bernarda. The groupings, games, entertainments, drinks, topics of conversation, and musical instruments may vary slightly in manner or content, but they evidently are made to be correlates.

In Blest Gana's 1862 Martin Rivas Adelaida is downgraded and Martin's homologue is ennobled. One can trace these curious reversals of fortune among namesake characters in other Blest Gana novels, but even within Martin Rivas fortuitous ironies of this sort are suggested as we can see in the following scene: "Her daughters are Adelaida and Edelmira. The elder was named by her godfather, and the younger by her mother who came up with a the0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Are we to think Dona Bernarda mistook Edelmira for Emilia, Desdemona's servant?

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