Massacre at Cheyenne Hole: Lieutenant Austin Henely and the by John H. Monnett

By John H. Monnett

In bloodbath at Cheyenne gap, John H Monnett sifts throughout the quite a few interpretations of the development through the years and locations them into right ancient viewpoint. at the beginning, Lieutenant Austin Henely was once considered as a hero, and his H corporation males have been provided 8 Medals of Honour for his or her bravery within the skirmish. in spite of the fact that, later intimations surfaced that the Sappa Creek struggle was once a bloodbath of the Cheyennes less than Little Bull, who tried to give up. stories of blameless non-combatants being murdered within the destruction of the camp following the conflict have been universal through the early 20th century.

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For the Battle of the Washita see Stan Hoig, The Battle of the Washita (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1976). 21. For Summit Springs see James T. King, War Eagle: A Life of General Eugene A. Carr (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1963). 22. Powell, People of the Sacred Mountain, 1:xviixviii. 23. It is beyond the scope of the current study to examine in depth the history, culture, and spiritual beliefs of the Cheyenne tribe prior to the Red River War. Fortunately, we are blessed with fine material compiled over the years on these subjects.

8 Even in the 1890s, men like James Mead could grasp the irreversible tragedy of upsetting ecological balances by eliminating a species like the American bison. "The buffalo, the gray wolves, and the ravenscompanions in lifemingled their bones when swift destruction overtook them," he wrote. The buffalo were killed by the bullets of hunters, the wolves were killed with strychnine for their furs, and the ravens died from eating the poisoned carcasses of both, so that they became practically extinct about the same time.

I moved again, on through the dead ones . . and fired three more shots and quit. As I walked back through where the carcasses lay the thickest, I could not help but think that I had done wrong to make such a slaughter for the hides alone . . In counting them just as they lay there, their eyes glassy in death, [I found] I had killed eighty-eight; and several left the ground with more bad than slight wounds. 1 Other hunters bettered Cook's record with stands of their own. Wright Mooar 96 Kirk Jordan 100 Charles Rath 107 Vic Smith 107 Doc Zahl 120 Tom Nixon 204 Orlando A.

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