Materials for Information Technology: Devices, Interconnects by Ehrenfried Zschech (Editor), Caroline Whelan (Editor),

By Ehrenfried Zschech (Editor), Caroline Whelan (Editor), Thomas Mikolajick (Editor)

This ebook offers an up-to-the-minute survey of the cutting-edge of study into the fabrics utilized in info expertise, and may be acquired by means of researchers in universities, associations in addition to examine employees within the semiconductor and IT industries.

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ALD2004 Congress, Helsinki (Finland) August 16–18, 2004 29. Y. Xu and C. B. Musgrave, Chem. Mater. 16, 646 (2004) 30. C, Wiemer, C. Marchiori, G. Scarel, S. Spiga, S. Baldovino, S. , WoDim 2004, Kinsale (Ireland) June 28–30, 2004 31. G. Scarel, S. Spiga, C. Wiemer, G. Tallarida, S. Baldovino, E. , E-MRS 2004 Spring Meeting, Strasbourg (France) May 24–28, 2004 32. M. Fanciulli, S. Spiga, G. Scarel, G. Tallarida, C. Wiemer, G. Seguini, Mat. Res. Soc. 786, 341 (2004), and E. P. Gusev, H. Shang, M.

Transistors fabricated on this material demonstrate effective hole mobilities at room temperature which approach the Si electron mobility. Alloy scattering means that the best hole mobilities should be seen in pure Ge channels [34, 35]. 5×1011 cm-2 . These structures were front-side doped (with the dopant above the channel). Optimization of the growth temperature and use of hydrogen means that the upper heterointerface was very smooth. The mobility is a factor of two greater than the best p-type Ge channel mobility result demonstrated on material grown by MBE [10].

De-embedded current gain |h21| and maximum stable gain MSG spectra of 100 µm wide devices. Transit frequencies of fT=55 GHz/63 GHz and maximum frequencies of oscillation fmax(MSG)=113 GHz/128 GHz can be derived for devices on thin and thick VS, respectively. The current gain h21 and the maximum stable gain (MSG) of 100 µm wide devices are shown in Figure 10. By extrapolating the current gain, a transit frequency fT=55 GHz can be derived for the transistors on the thin VS. The results are comparable to the cut-off frequency of the thick buffer control device having an fT of 63 GHz.

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