Mathematics California Mathematics Concepts, Skills and by Roger; Frey, Patricia; Howard, Arthur C.; Hutchens,

By Roger; Frey, Patricia; Howard, Arthur C.; Hutchens, Deborah A.; Luchin, Beatrice; McClain, Kay; Molix-Bailey, Rhonda J.; Ott, Jack M.; Pelfrey, Ronald; Price, Jack; Vielhaber, Kathleen; Willard, Teri; Zike, Dinah Day

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17) variable (p. 34) State whether each sentence is true or false. If false, replace the underlined word or number to make a true sentence. 1. A formula is used to find the area of a rectangle. s To multiply a sum by a number, multiply each addend of the sum by the number outside the parentheses. Algebra: power (p. 22) 2. When two or more numbers are multiplied, each number is called a factor. • The area A of a square is the length of a side s squared. The Distributive Property area (p. 52) Vocabulary Check • 1 has only one factor and is neither prime nor composite.

C - b 23. 5c + 6 24. 2b + 7 25. 3a - 4 26. 4b - 10 27. Distance traveled can be found using the expression rt, where r represents the speed (rate) and t represents time. How far did a hot air balloon travel at an average rate of 15 miles per hour for 6 hours? 28. To find the average speed (rate) of a racecar, use the expression d ÷ t, where d represents distance and t represents time. Find the speed s of a racecar that travels 508 miles in 4 hours. 29. The expression 500t can be used to find the distance in miles traveled by a DC–10 aircraft.

It should contain four numbers and two different operations. 28. FIND THE ERROR Haley and Ryan are finding 7 - 3 + 2. Who is correct? Explain your reasoning. 29. Haley Ryan 7-3+2=7-5 =2 7-3+2=4+2 =6 Write a real-world problem that can be solved using order of operations. Then solve the problem. 30 Arleta is 2 years younger than Josh, and Josh is 5 years older than Marissa who is 9 years old. Which table could be used to find Arleta’s age? A Name Arleta Josh Marissa Age (years) 9+5 9+5-2 9 C Name Arleta Josh Marissa Age (years) 5 4 9 B Name Arleta Josh Marissa Age (years) 2 5 9 D Name Arleta Josh Marissa Age (years) 9+5-2 9+5 9 31.

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