Membrane Receptors, Dynamics, and Energetics by Marc Charbre, T. Minh Vuong (auth.), K. W. A. Wirtz (eds.)

By Marc Charbre, T. Minh Vuong (auth.), K. W. A. Wirtz (eds.)

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Photolyzed rhodopsin catalyses the exchange of GTP for bound GDP in retinal rod outer segments. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 77, 2500-2504 (1980). A. N:- Pugh. ATP mediates rapid reversal of cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase activation in visual receptor membranes. Nature 287, 734-736 (1980). U. W. Hall, H. KUhn. Phosphodiesterase activation by photoexci ted rhodopsin is quenched when rhodopsin is phosphorylated and binds the 48KD protein of rod outer segments. Proc. Acad. Sc. USA, 83, 1174-1178 (1986).

Similarly, adiition of GTP or its analogues to permeabi~ized platelets decreased the Ca 2 requirements for serotonin release and promoted the formation 9f diacylglycerol, indicating a stimulation of phospholipase C (36, 37). In more recent work with homogenates and plasma membrane preparations from neutrophils (38), blowfly salivary glands (39), polymorphonuclear leukocytes (40), hepatocytes (41, 42), GH s pituitary cells (43), arterial smooth muscle (44), and cerebral cortical membranes (45), it has been shown that addition of GTP analogues alone or together with an agonist causes an increased breakdown of polyphosphoinositides and formation of inositol phosphates.

Bennett, M. Michel-Villaz and M. Chabre. Interactions between photoexcited rhodopsin and GTP-binding protein : kinetic and stoichiometric analysis from light-scattering changes. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 18, 6873-6877 (1981). 25. 26. M. Vuong, M. Chabre and L. Stryer. Millisecond activation o~ transducin in the cyclic nucleotide cascade o~ vision. Nature 311, 659-661 (1984). H. Saibil, M. L. Worcester. Neutron di~~raction studies o~ retinal rod outer segments membranes. Nature 262, 266270 (1976).

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