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Mediating Health Information: The Go-Betweens in a Changing Socio-Technical Landscape (Health, Technology, and Society)

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The Power of Innovative Thinking: Let New Ideas Lead to Your Success

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For the professional or upper-income woman, her body is part of her value and she cares for it using the resources that the culture, society, and fashion indicate. ” Thus, these women feed themselves, wear makeup, and undergo surgical procedures to make themselves beautiful, and practice sports as part of a “movement towards the ideal” (10). Like the stonecutter, a poor woman’s body is a devalued work tool, except when supporting the social value of motherhood. Since the social ideal of the population to which she belongs is to have a “strong” body, she does not need to approach the social ideal of thinness and beauty of the higher-income sectors.

Encuesta Permanente de Hogares. Aguirre 21 nutrition are concentrated in female domestic workers and poor women. Thirty-five percent of the country’s total economically active population are women. Of this percentage, 28% were unemployed in 1993, since unemployment generally affects women more, particularly women in the poorer groups (Table 11). In addition to the relative exclusion of these women from the salaried working world, urban segregation (8) and their own body images foster limited physical activity.

An inexpensive food that filled one up would be worthless if it remained on the plate. More than the nutritional quality of foods, the family consumption strategy seeks to ensure that each meal provides satisfaction and satiety, and can be eaten every day (6). Moreover, if the price differential is high, the poorest people will not include the most nutritional foods in their diet. The advice of food education messages cannot be acted upon if the chances for obtaining access to more harmonious and balanced nourishment do not improve.

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