Mixing in Single Screw Extruders by Gale, Martin

By Gale, Martin

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Three runs of 4, 8 and 12 minutes were made at each of the 4 speeds. 010 particle size range). These results clearly illustrate how the number of small particles increases with increasing speed and time. It is also interesting that the peak is skewed so close to what may be the ultimate particle size. Dispersion forces will also be increased by increasing viscosity. This may be achieved by using minimum temperatures, higher viscosity polymer or higher pigment or other additive levels, but this is complicated by requirements of particle wetting and air displacement.

9. © 1984, Rapra Technology) The injected striation travels in a clockwise direction around the surface of the cavity and then crosses over and turns sharply in the direction of rotation of the rotor. It is then carried around inside the rotor, being influenced by laminar flow within the rotor cavity and stator cavities and lands which it passes. It is then cut off into small segments and deposited in stacked layers in a stator cavity of the next row along. Although represented in two dimensions as striations, they are by then broad ribbons.

42 Dispersive and Distributive Mixing The turbine system was followed by two alternative interacting mixers [27, 28], which had rotors and stators with overlapping cavities in the shape of Woodroffe key slots. These devices overcame the former’s disadvantages. These mixers are discussed in detail in Chapter 9. The author evaluated this type of configuration as a potential extrusion technique to achieve good mixing by reproducing Erwin’s mixing model [29]. The overall objective was to produce extrusions meeting black water pipe standards using carbon black masterbatch.

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