More Than Two – A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory by Franklin Veaux, Eve Rickert

By Franklin Veaux, Eve Rickert

Contributor note: Tatiana Gill (Illustrator), Janet Hardy (Forward)

From companions, authors and practising polyamorists Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert comes the long-awaited, wide-ranging source exploring the often-complex global of dwelling polyamorously.

Highlighting the nuances (no, this isn’t swinging), the connection recommendations (do you swimsuit a V, an N, an open network?), the myths (don’t expect wild orgies and unending sex—but don’t rule them out, either!) and the expectancies (communication, transparency and belief are paramount), the authors proportion not just their hard-won philosophies approximately polyamory, but in addition their hurts and embarrassments.

More Than Two is totally with no judgment and peppered with a great dose of humor. Franklin and Eve underscore the significance of accomplishing moral polyamory, whereas lightly guiding readers throughout the thorny problems with jealousy and insecurity.

And no, they’re no longer attempting to convert you: they recognize that polyamory isn’t for everybody. Franklin and Eve easily offer those that should be embarking in this way of life, or those that have already began, with a toolkit to assist them make educated judgements and set them on a route to having fun with a number of satisfied, powerful, enriching relationships.

More Than Two is the ebook the polyamory neighborhood has been watching for. And who is aware? it could simply be the e-book you didn’t even comprehend you have been looking ahead to.

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