MTEL Visual Art Sample Test 17 Teacher Certification, 2nd by Sharon Wynne

By Sharon Wynne

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6 b FREEDOM OF THE PRESS is associated with the early American printer A. William Bradford B. Benjamin Franklin C. Stephen Daye D. 6 c Contemporary sculptors, unlike Bodin, believe that sculpture A. should express the material of which it is made B. material should be transformed to look like something else C. sculpture should look like living flesh D. 1 Distinguish among styles of art from various cultures and periods. 1 Contemporary abstract-expressionism has prototypes in the works of A. Klee and Kandinsky B.

It examines each item in relation to expected revenues B. It begins with empty accounts to then justify the continuation of the expenditure C. It begins with accounts for the past three years and looks a the history of spending to justify new expenditures D. 5 Identify motivational activities and techniques. 5 Group morale will be higher, as a rule, in classes that are run in which one of the following ways A. Democratic B. Autocratic C. Laissez-faire D. 6 Identify instructional delivery strategies that are appropriate for student needs and lesson goals and objectives, with consideration for situational constraints.

Txt C. org D. 2 Demonstrate an understanding of the organization of visual elements and the selection of media for expressive effect. 2 What is a technique used by computer software programs that change the width and length of a photograph A. crop marks B. crosshatch C. deckle edge D. 3 Identify techniques and methods appropriate for k-12 instruction. 3 A beginning class in computer applications for art would include A. drawing circles freehand B. cut and paste of clip art C. modification of cartoon strips text D.

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