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The 2000-2005 World Outlook for Plain Noodles (Strategic Planning Series)

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We started from Concord about seven in the morning; large crowds were gathered at the stations all along our route to encourage and cheer us. We arrived in Washington on the first of September; laid in the barracks near the station that night. The next morning, I got leave to look about the city, and must confess I was sadly disappointed. I had expected to see something grand, and perhaps I should if I had traveled far enough. As it was, about all there were to be seen were cows and goats, with vast numbers of swine running at large in the streets.

For three days and nights I had neither sleep nor rest, when I was compelled to give up and take my chance with the others. The ladies here, I shall ever remember with gratitude; they were very kind to us, bringing us many luxuries we should not otherwise have had. I was now brought very low by the chronic diarrhea; I could hardly get up, and still no help appeared in my case. True, the surgeon was very kind, but I thought it rather hard when he told me “you must let it run. ” I had heard the ladies telling of one Polly Lincoln, who possessed much skill.

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