New intermediate English grammar by John Millington Ward

By John Millington Ward

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Unless it is an idiomatic or stereotyped expression. 3. or, of course, with a present participle: . . the pass, leading up etc. ) 34 MR. PHANOURAKIS Line 59. We were wet as well as cold, for our clothing had been made very wet by the mist. When . Line 45. We tried to clear a space to lie on but whenever we moved a sharp stone we found a sharper one underneath. Line 68. . and just as day was beginning to dawn, we had a final drink . Although . . Line 43. We decided to spend the night in the hollow, although it seemed very stony and unattractive.

Forgiveness and love were flowing out of him (line 140). j. " (line 142). 3. Can you find the adverb-particles in the story? There are 25. 4. Make questions to which these sentences could be answers; the information that is required is shown by the words in italics: a. The man buried under the debris was singing again. b. Words became clear. c. The buried man was singing a hymn. d. He got silver medals for it. e. He got silver medals for it. ) f. I locked up at eight o'clock last night. g. To Lewis, Morgan was the nearest human thing to the devil.

Why do you think the Rev. "? g. Why did he look like an old man? h. Why did it seem that everyone was in "the shade" of the voice? i. Why did the warden say that he had nothing against the Welsh, when he remembered that Lewis himself was Welsh? j. To Lewis, Morgan was the nearest human thing to the devil. Why was he? k. Why was Morgan not in prison, as he ought to have been? 1. Why do you think that Lewis suddenly began, in a frenzy, to try to rescue Morgan? m. Why couldn't the party above do anything to help him?

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