Nuclei Zr - Bi by H. Chihara, N. Nakamura (auth.), K.-H. Hellwege, A. M.

By H. Chihara, N. Nakamura (auth.), K.-H. Hellwege, A. M. Hellwege (eds.)

Volume III/20 of the recent sequence is anxious with the experimental result of nuclear quadrupole resonance spectroscopy, a customary approach to structural learn, utilized to strong components. the implications are vital for molecular and reliable kingdom physics in addition to for various branches of chemistry. a result of great amount of information, quantity III/20 needed to be divided into 3 subvolumes, III/20a,b,c, the 1st of that have seemed already. Subvolume III/20c which completes the amount, is gifted herewith. the most contents of the amount are info on nuclear quadrupole resonance frequency, quadrupole coupling consistent, asymmetry parameter, experimental procedure and temperature. The tables are followed by way of constitution formulation and through graphs which convey the dependence of frequencies and different homes on exterior parameters. The formulation and the graphs are compiled within the current subvolume c. For the user's comfort, precise indexes of (a) gross molecular formulation, (b) chemical substance names, and (c) CAS Registry Numbers of all components thought of are additional on the finish of this subvolume.

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With anthracene (1:l) C4548-81-61 by X-irradiation were calculated 73SHl 66GRl of Ph3Sb. from Subs t . Formula (Modification) No. _____---------___--------------------------------------83. C15H45B30Sb 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 2(C13Sb) ClgF15Sb ClgHl2C13Sb ClgHl2C13Sb ClgHl2F3Sb Nucl. Meth. C. Fres. Temp. 52 Sb-121 X Sb-121 Sb- 123 p’ Liq. Liq. 0 N N 1,2-Dicarbadodecaborane(l21, Stibine, trichloro-, compd. Stibine, tris(pentafluorophenyl)Stibine, tris(4-chlorophenyllStibine, tris(3-chlorophenyl)Stibine, tris(4-fluorophenyl)- 1-(l-methylethenyl)-, with pyrene (2:l) C3910-39-21 C6944-25-81 C24691-69-81 C33756-42-21 antimony C31590-98-41 Rem.

Liq. 0 73. CgH2103Sb Sb-121 C 74. Cl3Sb Sb-121 Sb-123 P P 75. 0 Liq. Liq. N N Antimony(V) Benzene, Antimony, Antimonic Antimonic Stibine, Stibine, Ref. 79 N N Rem. 028 -~--~-~~~~--~-~~-~~-~-~~~~-~~----~------~~-~------~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~---------------------------------------69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. C. (MHz) Fres. 825 chloride-acetophenone(l:l) C25538-03-81 with trichlorostibine C41510-62-71 ethenyl-, homopolymer, compd. trichlorobis(l,4-dioxane-lC66469-02-11 acid triisopropyl ester C18770-47-31 acid, tripropyl ester C4292-34-61 trichloro-, compd.

Freq. C. %. Rem. Ref. 73BRl 72SEl * 71BUl 77MA 1 75KUl 110. 111. 77 75KU1 75KUl 112. 227 75KUl 113. 561 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------110. 111. 112. 113. Chlorine(l+), Chlorine(lt), Chlorine(lt), Chlorine(lt), difluoro-, difluoro-, tetrafluoro-, tetrafluoro-, p-fluorodecafluorodiantimonate(l-I C58945-81-61 tri-y-fluorooctadecafluorotetraantimonate(l-I hexafluoroantimonate(l-1 E25481-31-61 (T-4)-, fl-fluorodecafluorodiantimonate(l-I C58945-82-71 C58945-91-81 Nucl.

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