Pnictides and Chalcogenides II (Lanthanide by W. Suski, T. Palewski (auth.), H.P.J. Wijn (eds.)

By W. Suski, T. Palewski (auth.), H.P.J. Wijn (eds.)

Volume III/27 offers with magnetic homes of non-metallic inorganic compounds in accordance with transition steel parts corresponding to pnictides, chalcogenides, halides, borates, silicates and phosphates. Subvolume 27B covers the magnetic and comparable houses of lanthanide pnictides and chalcogenides (except oxides). over the last many years huge development within the learn of those households of drugs has been made that have been compiled in numerous elements. the 1st half B1 with a compilation of the houses of monopnictides used to be released previous this 12 months. This half 27B2 covers the monochalcogenides. quantity B3 will disguise the binary compounds of pnictides and chalcogenides.

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0 vs T, T<25 K determined by tunneling, ME and force balance Neutron diffraction; LBIII/12c, p. c. 86 T 242 243 244 247 236 94D1 92G3 92G3 95S1 94K2 248 72T1 249 72T1 250 90R1 La n d o l t - B ö r n s t e i n New Series III/27B2 Ref. p. c. c. 2... c. c. c. c. c. c. c. 006 TC) NMR: 153Eu; LBIII/12c, p. 233, Fig. 200; p. 234, Fig. c. c. c. c. , Tables 37 Ref. , Tables Ref. c. 164, 220 and 221; Fig. c. ), thin film Au/EuS/Al, thin film Au/EuS/Al [Ref. p. 421 83S3 260 261 262 83S3 85H2 83S3 82L1 95L1 87D2 263 87D1 264 265 82L1 87D2 266 87D2 267 267 248 90S1 90S1 72T1 268 72T1 88M2 269 90H2 269 90H2 La n d o l t - B ö r n s t e i n New Series III/27B2 Ref.

C. 5 T Magnetic (H,T) phase diagram; LBIII/12c, p. 244, Figs. c. 4 GPa Valence υ(a) from χ, XPS, LIII XAS and MVXAS Neutron diffraction; LBIII/12c, p. 182 Magnetic form factor; LBIII/12c, p. 250, Fig. c. 059(2) meV. c. c. c. 250, Fig. 5 cm–1, ∆=88 cm–1. 5 cm–1 Electrical resistivity; LBIII/12c, p. 182, 246, 247; Figs. c. c. 8 K [Ref. p. , Tables Ref. 614 82F1 82S2 81L1 615 81L1 616 617 81G6 82P1 82P1 618 82H1 82H1 619 620 82H1 82H1 80C1 621 621 81B4 80R1 622 80R1 605 623 85H1 81H3 81L4 624 625 626 81L4 81L4 81B2 La n d o l t - B ö r n s t e i n New Series III/27B2 Ref.

179, 241, Fig. c. Integrated intensity of (1/2;1/2;7/2) magnetic peak vs T, 15

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