Probing Human Origins by Morris Goodman

By Morris Goodman

Publication by means of Goodman, Morris

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Chimpanzee or baboon) neutrophils. These genes could be directly involved in the species-specific reaction to pathogens by the innate immune system or the species-specific reaction to inflammatory triggers. , 1995) or by microarray strategies. To also assess differences in neutrophil activation, it would be prudent to survey unstimulated neutrophils, as well as neutrophils stimulated with lipopolysaccharide (to simulate bacterial activation) and with IL-1β (to simulate inflammatory activation).

They spread over wider geo- 34 PROBING HUMAN ORIGINS graphic ranges and were evidently capable of living in rather different settings from those familiar to prior hominins. This expansion in adaptive possibilities became exaggerated in Homo sapiens. Apparently, some process enabled certain lineages to become decoupled from any single ancestral environment. The question posed here is, How do significant increases in adaptability come about? All individual organisms live in particular habitats. The survival and reproduction of organisms take place in specific environments.

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