Process Control Systems Functions and Functional

Рекомендации американского института по построению систем управления в области транспортировки и хранения нефтепродуктов и нефтепереработки.
Данный документ наиболее часто цитируем в статьях посвященных автоматизации в области транспортировки и хранения нефтепродуктов. Для автоматизаторов в этой области его значит примерно то-же, что манифест коммунистической партии для строителей коммунизма :-).

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Display designs should allow the operator to access information and initiate any action in an uncomplicated, effective manner. Display design requires input from unit operation representatives and other responsible management. 8 should be provided. EEMUA Publication No. 201:2003 provides an extensive discussion of HMI related issues. The publication identifies the following categories of operation need to be considered in HMI design, in the order of their importance: Category 1 Abnormal Situation handling – This includes Start-up and Shutdown Normal Operation – Most utilized role.

RP-554, Part 2 addresses recommendations for implementation of these functions using currently proven technology. 1 illustrates these functions and provides references to paragraphs where each one is discussed. While this figure appears to indicate a specific hardware and software layout, it is not intended to do so. These functions may be organized differently depending upon the actual hardware and software used. Specific applications may require all or only a few of these functions. The Process Control System Functional Specification, along with an estimate of actual physical inputs and outputs, then will enable the user to obtain accurate proposals from hardware and software vendors and identify work which needs to be performed by third parties.

This class of alarm also includes alarms and alerts associated with the operation of the control system to inform the operator or diagnostic faults or equipment failures associated with the control system. In newer systems, alarms and alerts associated with field instrumentation may also be available. Environmental regulations also can place significant operating constraints upon operations or require responses from operators that are not necessarily production or safety oriented. Functional specifications for a Process Control System should address the use of business and environmental related alerts and differentiate the methods that are used to alert the operator of these conditions versus those used to alert the operator of required responses.

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