Relationships of density, microfibril angle, and sound by B Lachenbruch; G Johnson; G Downes; R Evans

By B Lachenbruch; G Johnson; G Downes; R Evans

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Scale bar = 195 µm. (c) Tangential section showing the anastomosis between an axial and a radial resin canal complex. The fusiform ray bearing the radial resin canal complex is in contact with the axial resin canal complex. Scale bar = 195 µm. 8a that are barely visible and appear as dark lines running in a top-tobottom direction are ray parenchyma cells. Ray parenchyma cells are rectangular prisms or brickshaped cells. 8b). These brick-like cells form the rays, which function primarily in synthesis, storage, and lateral transport of biochemicals and, to a lesser degree, water.

Axial parenchyma strands are generally absent in pine, spruce, larch, hemlock, and species of Araucaria and Agathis. 9c). These structures are voids or spaces in the wood and are not cells. Specialized parenchyma cells that function in resin production surround resin canals. When referring to the resin canal and all the associated parenchyma cells, the correct term is axial or radial resin canal complex (Wiedenhoeft and Miller 2002). In pine, resin canal complexes are often visible on the transverse section to the naked eye, but they are much smaller in spruce, larch, and Douglas-fir, and a hand lens is needed to see them.

1994, CITES 2002, Richter and Oelker 2002, Wiedenhoeft 2011). Some foresters and wood technologists armed with a hand lens and sharp knife can accurately identify lumber in the field by examining cell patterns on the transverse surface. The accepted technique for scientifically rigorous, accurate identifications requires that wood be sectioned and examined with a light microscope. With the light microscope, even with only a 10× objective, many more features are available for use in making a determination.

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