Revolutionary Socialism in Theory & Practice by Arnold Lunn

By Arnold Lunn

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Thus, the pretensions of despots become heretical . And since that revelation, though many despots have had the blessings of the clergy, no tyranny has possessed a clear title before the tribunal of the human conscience, no slave has had to feel that the hope of freedom was forever closed . " And it is, as Mr . " If we regard Socialism as nothing more than a political or economic heresy and if we fight it exclusively with political and with economic weapons, we shall fail . Socialism is at once a criticism of and a protest against a Social Order which has refused to draw the logical conclusion from the religious premisses which are the foundation of Christian civilization .

Had the professor been a Communist IN 31 2 THE TROJAN HORSE he would have been far less effective, for as a Communist he would have been unconvincing as a belittler of Communism . Indeed, the naive sincerity of the professor's speech was an unconscious tribute to the astuteness of the new tactics officially adopted during the Congress of the Third International, which met in Moscow in August 1935 . The Comintern believe that a rapid increase in the membership of Communist Parties is likely to produce a Fascist reaction .

1 o) When Lenin started an English Communist paper he wrote : "We must be (in the beginning) very prudent . The paper must be not too revolutionary in the beginning . " (I1) The Left Book Club has been Stalin's consistent supporter in Great Britain. Its publications seldom deviate from the most rigid party line . I have yet to discover in them any hint of Trotskyite heresy . Its first publication was a book by Maurice Thorez, Secretary of the Communist Party of France, and Mr . " (12) Its membership exceeds 50,000, and its annual income is in the neighbourhood of £75,000 .

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