Ruby Best Practices by Gregory T. Brown

By Gregory T. Brown

How do you write actually dependent code with Ruby? Ruby top Practices is for programmers who are looking to use Ruby as skilled Rubyists do. Written by means of the developer of the Ruby venture Prawn, this concise publication explains find out how to layout attractive APIs and domain-specific languages with Ruby, in addition to how one can paintings with sensible programming principles and strategies that may simplify your code and make you extra effective. You'll methods to write code that's readable, expressive, and lots more and plenty more.

Ruby top Practices may also help you:

* comprehend the key powers unlocked via Ruby's code blocks
* how you can bend Ruby code with no breaking it, reminiscent of blending in modules at the fly
* realize the bits and bobs of trying out and debugging, and the way to layout for testability
* learn how to write quicker code through protecting issues simple
* strengthen concepts for textual content processing and dossier administration, together with commonplace expressions
* know the way and why issues can pass wrong
* decrease cultural obstacles by way of leveraging Ruby's multilingual capabilities

This publication additionally provide you with complete chapters on riding code via checks, designing APIs, and undertaking upkeep. methods to utilize this wealthy, appealing language with Ruby top Practices.

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The first, as, is used to convert the incoming argument xs from SEXP to integer. Call(). 4 Using Inline The next steps are to compile these two functions, to link them into a so-called shared library (which can be loaded at run-time by a system such as R), and to actually load it. These three steps do sound a little tedious and labor-intensive, and they are. So it is at this point that we introduce another very powerful helper: the inline package (Sklyar et al. 2012). inline, written mostly by Oleg Sklyar, brings an idea to R which has been used with other dynamically extensible scripting languages.

Few languages besides R are this expressive and powerful for working with data. A key aspect of the internal implementation of R is that its own core interpreter and extension mechanism are implemented in the C language. C is often used for system programming as it is reasonably lean and fast, yet also very portable and easily available on most hardware platforms. A key advantage of C is that it is extensible via external libraries and modules. R takes full advantage of this, and so does the Rcpp extension featured in this book.

10 Fibonacci number in C++ via memoization We define a very simple C++ class Fib with three elements: • A constructor which is called once upon initialization. • A single public member function which computes Fn . • A private data vector holding the memoization values. So this example provides a first glance at using classes in C++ code. In the actual wrapper function, we simply instantiate an object f of the class Fib and then invoke the member function to compute the given Fibonacci number. 8 A Third R Solution Naturally, we can also compute Fn using an iterative approach.

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