Science and Technology in the Transformation of the World by Miroslav Pecujlic, Gregory Blue, Anouar Abdel-Malek

By Miroslav Pecujlic, Gregory Blue, Anouar Abdel-Malek

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Gendering the field : towards sustainable livelihoods for mining in mining communities

The chapters during this ebook supply concrete examples from around the globe to teach how neighborhood livelihoods in mineral-rich tracts may be extra sustainable via absolutely integrating gender matters into all elements of the connection among mining practices and mine affected groups. by means of taking a look at the mining and the mine-affected groups via a gender lens, the authors point out quite a few functional suggestions to mitigate the affects of mining on women's livelihoods with no undermining women's voice and standing in the mine-affected groups.

Frauenbewegungen weltweit: Aufbrüche, Kontinuitäten, Veränderungen

Frauenbewegungen haben die Moderne mitgestaltet. Weltweit haben sie Veränderungen eingeleitet, die in ihren neuen Formen und Konsequenzen erst allmählich sichtbar und verstehbar werden. Im vorliegenden Band sind deshalb vor allem empirische Untersuchungen in internationaler Perspektive zusammengestellt, in denen besonders der Prozesscharakter der neuen Frauenbewegung herausgestellt wird.

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Started with the attempts of Einstein to include the electromagnetic forces in the unification of gravitation and space-time geometry"; and its realisation "will constitute a great new synthesis comparable to those ... mentioned earlier in this paper". And the method introduced into theoretical physics by Einstein, "the search for symmetry groups" which leave basic physical laws invariant, is still "at the root of our present-day work". In summing up his story, Dr Leite Lopes quoted at length from Nobel Laureate Paul Dirac to the effect that: "When one looks back over the development of physics, one sees that it can be pictured as a rather steady development with many small steps and superposed on that a number of big jumps.

Dr J. Leite Lopes opened his paper, Science and the making of contemporary civilisation, by sketching briefly the historical development until the present of mankind's physical and astronomical images of the world. Singling out the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians for special mention, Dr Leite Lopes praised "the superb achievements obtained by ancient societies... in Asia, Africa and Latin America", although we would suggest that, when speaking of "their mythical approach to the study of nature" , he was rather unsocial in failing to include that of the ancient Europeans as well.

It's serving as an ideological tool for sapping at their foundation, the theory and the practice of citizenship and of the 'rights' of man and of the citizen that are the basis of democracy. "In order to satisfy the consumer, it suffices to make all services function 'normally'. " Besides the dangers inherent in the uses which the State can make of the informational systems, there are of course also those connected with commercial and cultural programming based on the results of surveys about the 'tastes' of key consumer groups (in the middle classes, of course); these results are invoked as criteria defming consumer needs in general, and "the behaviour and psychosociological mechanisms of consumers thus become means of domination" .

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