Sea Kayaking Safety and Rescue: From mild to wild, the by John Lull

By John Lull

The main finished handbook on how you can kayak accurately in a large choice of sea environments--from inland waterways to ocean rock gardens, tide rips, surf zones, and the open ocean. geared toward novices via skilled kayakers, this ebook describes the best way to take care of risks, not only steer clear of them, utilizing real-life, commonly confirmed thoughts confirmed to paintings. You'll research primary talents for restoration and rescue, and grasp secure paddling thoughts in ocean stipulations. various pictures accompany step by step descriptions of the Eskimo roll, towing tools, self- and partner-rescues, backup ideas, and crew dynamics. the second one variation has a clean bankruptcy on fine-tuning your strokes, in order to considerably bring up kayaking enjoyable and safeguard.

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